The "story" goes that one day in 1962, a teacher in the village of Retjons, Mr. Labidalle, attempted to escape the rain by taking shelter in a ruin, which we now know to be the choir of the chapel, and subsequently saw traces of old paint under the plaster.


It seems in fact, that this discovery was made ​​earlier by an engineer of the railways who was on track inspection duty; presumably, he informed the Societe de Borda.


Anyway, thank you to Mr. Labidalle, thank you to Mr. Abbot and Mr. Bats and thank you to Mayor Eugene Capes whose actions resurrected of Lugaut.


In addition to decorating the chapel, the paintings served another purpose: to teach using images. For the benefit of illiterate parishioners, this early type of cartoon taught a religious history lesson and morality, by using (as you will see in the nativity scene, among others) some manipulation through the images.